IQAC(Internal Quality Assessment Cell)
Internal Quality Assessment Cell ( IQAC)    
Name: Dr. Ramesh Kumar
Designation: Co-ordinator, IQAC, Koshi College khagaria.
Contact No.- 06201522869
Email ID:-
The Koshi College Khagaria has formed an Internal Quality Assurance Cell on 06/04/2014_ in accordance with the guide lines of NAAC. The very purpose of it as contemplated by NAAC is to have an internal mechanism that would monitor, improve and enhance with enrichment in quality of education and research at koshi College. As suggested, IQAC would endeavor relentlessly and consistently for sustained improvement that would not only take the institution to higher strata but also to project Koshi College as a centre of excellence.
IQAC meets under the chairmanship of Principal to review the progress made during the previous Quarter and also to suggest improvements in various areas of activities. It is an appropriate forum for ideas for mid stream corrections and for launching of new proposals in Quality of Education and Research.The strategies and functions of the IQAC of Koshi College are in tune with the ones that have been set out to achieve the intended benefits. Indeed, IQAC is acting as a catalytic booster to propel Koshi College in institutionalizing and internationalizing the quest for quality education and research.