Core Values
  Koshi college, Khagaria is guided by Core Values in delivering its Mission and pursuing its Vision.  
  Core values of the college are:                                                                                           Home  

a.       Integration of a value system among students oriented towards imbibing judgment, respect, tolerance, honesty, trustworthiness, discipline, strong character, transparency, accountability, integrity of thought and responsibility towards themselves and society.


b.      Focus on student and stakeholder needs. Creation of new programs and services to meet identified needs. Continuous evaluation and improvement of programs, services, systems, and policies.


c.       Fostering values of excellence and high quality in all activities and belief in setting the highest academic and profession standards.



d.      Providing ample space to the concerned stake holders to air their view in decision making process.



e.      Dedication towards serving individuals, society and the nation through outreach and community engagement activities in an attempt to contribute to national development coupled with commitment to create environmental awareness and action.


f.        Development and implementation of new research directions, technology, innovative practices, programmes and partnerships to enhance educational experience and inspire students to benefit human kind.


g.       Promotion of a diversen learning community of students that understands the importance of respecting all individuals including the differently abled irrespective of class, caste, religion and gender.


h.       fostering universal values, sense of brotherhood, humanism, gender equity and practices to develop a feeling of global citizenship.